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When my husband and I decided to get married, we looked for an option that would be special without costing a fortune. We considered having a small wedding with family and friends but could not agree on a venue. It was also difficult to coordinate among our five children, some of whom lived quite a distance away. After endless searching and many discussions, we decided to elope.

With renewed energy, I went back to searching the Internet for elopement options. I only found sites that offered general information on eloping as well as wedding planners in locations such as Florida and California. We didn't want anything expensive or over-the-top. We just wanted a package that would take care of all the details.

Because Charleston, SC is one of the top travel destinations in America, it seemed only natural to bring happy couples here to tie the knot. Charleston and the surrounding area offer luxury accommodations, superb dining options and a wealth of activities. Come enjoy our city and create memories for a lifetime...

Elope to Charleston.

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